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Heidrun Haug didn’t have to go looking for her first PR contract. As it happened, August-Wilhelm Scheer, whom she had interviewed a few times before, called one bleary fall day in 1993. The Saarbrücken-based business information systems expert was taking his company to SYSTEMS (an IT tradeshow) and he needed some press releases that people could actually understand on the new topic of business processes.
"That is how his startup company IDS Scheer AG became Haug’s first PR customer. In the nineties, business- and finance-related articles talked primarily about figures and large-scale companies. Then along came some stories about saxophone-playing Prof. Scheer who wanted to turn his “American-spun dream of a research-based company" into reality. They were well received and Haug knew she was on to something.   
Other companies like CSC Ploenzke, CA Technologies, Oracle and Microsoft picked up on the lively, well-written stories about applications, corporate culture and personnel planning. Perhaps journalism and PR work weren’t that different from each other after all. The upshot of this nascent stage was that Haug decided to leave the beaten path so she could steer her own course in the form of a company.
With Storymaker she chose to pursue entrepreneurship. It wasn’t just about writing anymore, but managing as well. The idea was to attempt what she had written about for the last several years: to create a small company that allowed employees to implement their strengths and that gave customers a partner with a lot of expertise in the PR realm.
Storymaker’s core idea is to find, write, and communicate stories that companies will find appealing. The underlying premise is that stories are the key to media exposure. These days, this particular approach extends well beyond writing articles. In fact, stories can bring brands to life and give them an identity.
As it turned out, Storymaker evolved into a company; granted it’s a small one, but it’s holding its ground. The team consists of 20 employees with Björn Eichstädt and Heidrun Haug as managing directors. The agency is more than happy to take on new projects, and is known for providing support and planning ahead. The agency values its long-term customers and employee relationships. In fact, Storymaker is particularly pleased to continue working as the international lead agency for IDS Scheer, which now employs 3,000 people worldwide.

Creating an Identity
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