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Creating an Identity // Values
Our values are the driving force behind our work because they give sense and meaning to our efforts and daily routines.

Respect is most important to us. We believe that communication is the foundation to open, honest relationships in which everyone is heard and taken seriously. In our work, we are open and honest with each other; we are also tolerant and appreciate everyone’s contributions. We see ourselves not so much as a supplier but as a partner for our customers, and we are happy that more and more companies are interested in working with us.

Quality is our top priority. Regardless whether we are dealing with press releases, communications concepts, or Internet projects, we accomplish every task with attention to detail. Long-term relationships are more important to us than short-term monetary gains. All employees are given positions commensurate with their expertise and qualifications, and they are evaluated according to the quality of their performance. We operate with the knowledge that every result could stand improvement and that is how we continue to evolve. We learn and want to improve – one day at a time.

Fun motivates us to give our utmost. People who look forward to coming to work and interacting with customers show commitment and a willingness to assume responsibility. We are convinced that enjoying one’s work generates better results. For that reason, we create an atmosphere in which employees have an opportunity to apply their sense of responsibility to challenging projects.

Creating an Identity
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