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One of Storymaker’s tasks is to convey a company’s story and PR strategy to target groups within the Chinese marketplace. Together with the corporate and country managers we develop the appropriate, success-oriented activities. A “we do it all”  package relieves marketing departments of the often time-consuming tasks of finding and coordinating local service providers, and consequently the PR can get a good, fast start.

Market analysis:
China is a multicultural country whose regions represent significant extremes in terms of consumer behavior. Accordingly, there is also a very broad range of media outlets. Therefore, we provide consulting services to companies entering the Chinese market. We research the market and media, compiling relevant information with respect to local conditions and consumer behavior, as well as the requirements pertaining to slogans, color usage and symbols.
Communications concept: An overarching communications concept is essential when doing media-related work in China. Storymaker, together with its client, defines the story for a given Chinese audience and then develops core messages, target media, effective media-specific measures and operational steps such as press events and trade-fair support.

Brand communications:
We ensure that the client company’s values are properly communicated in China. To do so, through our in-country work we research applicable case studies and prepare them for localized communication activities. If necessary, we’ll also support corporate departments in defining and developing corporate content, language and messages for international communications.

Media and public relations:
China has an astounding abundance of print-media outlets, including 9,000 magazines and nearly 3,000 newspapers. One of our tasks is to find the right ones for our customers as well as key multipliers such as associations, political bodies and scientific organizations. Storymaker has outstanding Chinese media contacts, and with them we are able to successfully position press releases and articles in the target media.

Press events: Journalist-oriented events such as press conferences are a tried-and-true way to give companies visibility in China’s media. However, given the excessive number of events being held nowadays, there is a definite need for concepts that portray a company in a unique manner and that spark the interest of journalists.

Quality assurance:
Storymaker, in all its activities, strives to ensure the highest level of quality. Consider it a given that we will comply with corporate specifications pertaining to design, content, messages and wording, and that we will provide qualitative analyses (in English or German) of reports appearing in the Chinese media.

Bridge builders: For company managers in Germany who face the challenge of overcoming language barriers, geographic distance and two different time zones – their home versus the host country – we serve as bridge builders to China. Our in-country Chinese consultants speak fluent English, and our China experts in Germany are Sinologists who have lived and worked in China for extended periods.

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